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CHEAPTICKETS - Book now and save big on online travel at CheapTickets. Our exclusive rates come with ... Book now and save big on online travel at CheapTickets. Our exclusive rates come with a 100 ...
CHEAPTICKETS - Save on airfare. Compare flights from over 130 top travel providers to find amazingly ... Save on airfare. Compare flights from over 130 top travel providers to find amazingly cheap ...
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Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. to Announce Second Quarter Results on ... - Aug 2, 2007 Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. owns and operates a portfolio of consumer brands that includes Orbitz (, CheapTickets ... Search Engines Drive 21% Of Traffic To Travel Aggregators, CT - Jul 24, 2007 On the contrary, travel terms accounted for about 70% and 85% of the search visits to and, respectively. ... Virgin America Signs Distribution Deal with Orbitz Worldwide - Jul 19, 2007 Virgin America fares will be offered via Orbitz Worldwide's and websites. By adding Virgin America to its list of airline ... Orbitz Earns Its Ticker Symbol Motley Fool - Jul 20, 2007 ... to get a piece of the company, which includes the namesake site as well as other popular travel sites like and Europe's ... My First Online Business, Travel Plan Online.Com أرابيا - Aug 4, 2007 Looking at the competition (Orbitz, Travelocity, Cheaptickets,etc), I felt that I would be lucky to scratch even a few sales. Interestingly, when I checked ... WestJet Takes C$31.9 Million Writedown to End Travelport Talks Bloomberg - Jul 19, 2007 WestJet in January suspended an agreement for the system with Travelport, the parent of online travel services Orbitz and CheapTickets. ... Significant Off-Season Savings Help Travelers Avoid Peak Prices at ... - Aug 2, 2007 Not only are hotel prices lower, but crowds are lighter, and as CheapTickets' Destination Experts note, a wealth of summer/fall activities are sure to ... What Search Terms are Driving Internet Travel Traffic? Seeking Alpha, NY - Jul 24, 2007 Search visitors to—who typically arrive through generic terms—are 44% less likely to convert than visitors overall. ... Orbitz to Sell Virgin America Tickets Houston Chronicle, United States - Jul 19, 2007 ... company Orbitz Worldwide said Thursday it will sell tickets for the startup Virgin America airline on its and Web sites. ... UPDATE 1-Orbitz's IPO prices at $15/share Reuters - Jul 19, 2007 Orbitz's portfolio of brands includes Cheaptickets,, and HotelClub. Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs & Co., Lehman Brothers Inc., and JP Morgan ... Matt Wainwright submits: Odds are that if you use the Internet and you take vacations, you visited a Travel Aggregator website this summer. These are sites like Expedia , Orbitz and Travelocity and they typically see 14% more visits in June and July than they do throughout the year, not so surprising. [... ] CheapTickets , a leading online travel agency that knows, "the less you pay, the better it feels," announces its Third Quarter 2007 Off-Season Deals Report. Showcasing great North American mountain getaways, this detailed analysis identifies the top 10 mountain destinations for value-focused travel through September. Does volunteer tourism give people a chance to change the world? Or are they just overpriced guilt trips? On July 11, Bill Simpson wrote an analysis of Orbitz Worldwide . In its debut July 20, Orbitz's offering of 34 million shares priced at $15 per share. The company had expected the IPO to price between $16 to $18 per share. Such sites or travel aggregators typically see a spike in visitors during June and July--and the research firm found that branded terms were the top three keyword drivers of this year’s summer traffic. has chosen Opt-Intelligence, Inc. ( to provide opt-in advertising on its website at (PRWeb Jul 25, 2007) Post Comment:Trackback URL: "Branding" has become a bit of a buzzword in online marketing, though there are still detractors out there decrying the lack of ROI, or at least the inability to measure it. Advocates have been quick to note that branding matters, it matters a lot, and now there are some numbers to back that up. In the travel sector, reports Matt Wainwright , not only do searchers turn to brand names ... Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. will report results for the second quarter of the 2007 fiscal year after market close on August 13, 2007. (Photo credit: Tastemaker: Laura Fitzpatrick, Time Getting in touch with your inner Angelina Jolie is easier than it used to be. The so-called voluntourism industry, which sends travelers around the globe for a mix of volunteer work and... Volunteers with the group Globe Aware dig a trench to lay a water pipe in Costa Rica. Getting in touch with your inner Angelina Jolie is easier than it used to be. Detroit, cheaptickets this methodic drumline fantastically unwound toward that illicit bizarre.
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